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  • 10 Pounds of Blue Bird Poppy Seeds ($239.99 $229.99)

    First off, Lone Goose Bakery is hands down the best at Customer support! Their poppy seeds are excellent in quality. I have tried several others and they don’t even compare.

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    2019-05-15 21:31:37
  • 1 Pound of Blue Bird Poppy Seeds ($27.99)

    Yes, this is what you're looking for. An amazing product, expedited shipping & delivery, and an easy-to-use website / helpful customer service. LGB keeps customers updated each step of the way with tracking / delivery confirmation (USPS priority mail option) and the seeds are a very nice shade of dark blue. My only complaint is the price of the products (which is why I've issued 4 stars instead of 5), as they are well above market price; BUT, I'm a quality > quantity type person, so I don't mind paying a bit extra to ensure I receive a solid product every time. Thanks, LGB!

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    Will Rose
    2019-05-11 15:01:22