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The 2019 Blue Bird Poppy Seed Harvest is in stock! 

Due to the change in appearance with 2019 Harvest, our poppy seeds have been thoroughly tested by our suppliers and by many of our employees.  We have determined that these are still high-quality unwashed poppy seeds.  We appreciate your loyalty to our business!

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Reviews from our loyal customers!

spokentruth316 (verified owner)  

We’ve been a Lone Goose customer for a very long time and wouldn’t dream of leaving… This latest shortage the raw poppy seed community has had these past few months has put a strain on many great companies including our favorite… Goose. With all that said, Goose has done a BANG UP job in fulfilling pre-orders on time and streamlining their shipping process! We had late November holiday orders for our baked goods and had it not been for the Goose flying in our goods at record speed we would have had to cancel so many orders…
I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for saving our holiday this year!
The seeds we ordered are awesome quality!
(A side note to customers; this latest Nov 22nd batch has been “sifted” but has not been “washed”. This results in no “pod/plant matter” being present in the bag but it does not affect quality negatively in any way.)

Roro J (verified owner) September 30, 2019

LGB, Lone Goose Bakery, or as I affectionately refer to it, ‘The Goose,’ has consistently provided me with a high quality product since placing my first order with the company in late 2018. Unlike the “competition” (a term I use loosely as LGB is unmatched in the industry), The Goose has always provided me with top-quality product. While other companies experience nosedives in product quality and periods of shortages , The Goose delivers top-notch goods daily without drop-offs in quality like many of the other poppy seed vendors. When I order from Lone Goose Bakery, there are no surprises; I know that I am purchasing an A-quality product.

To add one quick concluding point; the customer team at LGB is excellent, worthy of 5-stars and an A+ On the rare occasion that there is some kind of minor issue with an order, customer team promptly resolves it.

Russell Hawkins (verified owner)  

I’m honestly quite shocked at the high quality of these seeds. One doesn’t need much to achieve the desired flavor when cooking with LGB seeds! Will buy again soon.

ziggy1961 (verified owner)  

Their products are aways fresh tasting, and orders are sent very quickly. The one time I needed customer service help, it was handled 110%!!

Andrew (verified owner)

Very pleased customer. These poppies have a wonderful aroma. Very nutty and tasty. With swift delivery and such quality, these seeds are certainly worth it.

Jodyknight99 (verified owner)

I’ve tried unwashed poppy seeds from many companies like The Nodding Turtle, Chillhiwiian Brand and Dreamseeds and these Bluebird poppy seeds are the tastiest seeds I’ve come across to date. I use a pound at a time and enjoy the fruits of that pound for a good three days. And with my tolerance to bagels, that’s really saying something.

kepaul2 (verified owner)

LGB is by far the leader in quality and service! The quality of their seeds are always consistently high. Their customer service is outstanding! They always put the customer first. Their ability to ship overnight is a great option just in case you’re in a bind and need them quickly.

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