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Blue Bird Poppy Seeds PRE-ORDERS ONLY

(72 customer reviews)


This item will be released at a future date.

These are our world-famous Blue Bird Poppy Seeds. They are unwashed English poppy seeds derived from the poppy flower. Please select the package size you want and add it to your cart.


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We are currently taking Pre-Orders For the 2019 Harvest.  Expected ship date 11/1

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

These are the world-famous Blue Bird Poppy Seeds. Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are the very highest quality unwashed poppy seeds sourced straight from England. If you are looking for bitter unwashed poppy seeds, you have come to the right place. These poppy seeds are untreated and have not been washed with chemicals or anything else. They are harvested directly from the delicious English poppy flower.

Poppy Seed Warning

These poppy seeds may naturally contain trace amounts of opiate alkaloids. Do not consume poppy seed wash or any other liquid derived from the alkaloid residue. Any attempts to isolate and/or consume large amounts of this residue may be harmful or fatal.  Keep out of reach of children.

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Shipping Policy

We have continued to focus on boosting our efficiency. We have now streamlined our processing time, and it has resulted in extremely fast shipping times. We offer USPS Express delivery and International Shipping to Canada.  If you would like to see more shipping/processing details, including precise delivery estimates, check out the Lone Goose Bakery Shipping Policy.


We do our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. Our quality seeds are sourced from the top English vendors, and it is expensive to procure these delicious seeds. We feel that the cost is justified, and our loyal customers agree. We realize the importance of quality control and customer service, and we focus on providing the best possible outcomes in both areas. We look forward to serving you!

Final Word

Many of you have been our dedicated customers from the very beginning. We really appreciate all of you and have loved serving you. Whether you are a longtime patron or a new prospective customer, feel free to Contact Us with any questions. We check our messages regularly and will get back to you quickly. Thanks for checking us out!

72 reviews for Blue Bird Poppy Seeds PRE-ORDERS ONLY

  1. morganwolansky (verified owner)

    Great seeds! Albeit a little pricey, but the quality generally remains the same for every purchase.

    • Callie

      Thank you for your purchase and support! We are very thankful for your business!

  2. Moses Wisdom (verified owner)

    These really are the BEST unwashed English poppy seeds out on the market. Thank you Lone Goose. Will buy again. Keep up the Good work guys! -Moses Wisdom

    • Callie

      Thank you, Moses! You are so kind, we greatly appreciate your business!

  3. breonka7 (verified owner)

    Recently ordered, and I have to say I’m impressed with your super speedy shipping! Thank you so much! Absolutely worth the price given the quality of these seeds AND the customer service! Will buy again!

    • Callie

      Thank you! We are proud that we are able to keep processing times short! We are so blessed with customers like you!

  4. Kim Murrell (verified owner)

    Tried ordering from another bender for cheaper, big mistake! Just a waste of my money. Never leaving lone goose again, but I am curious if you believe you will run out? And any updates as to when new harvest will be in? Thank you!

    • Callie

      Hi there! Thank you for your loyalty to our business! We should have stock through next week. We anticipate to be back in stock on 10/31. Thank you!

  5. chris97223 (verified owner)

    Great seeds always good quality.

    • Callie

      Thank you for your support!

  6. Adam McCay (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Giving 4 stars because the price has gone from 116.99 to 149.99 in the last month.

    • Callie

      Thank you for supporting our company! Unfortunately the price increase is due to high demand and limited stock. We will be lowering our prices as soon as the new harvest is delivered. If you have any other questions feel free to read our full explanation here
      We appreciate your business!

  7. khunterg (verified owner)

    I was immediately impressed by the packaging. Well done and good looking as well. The quality of the seeds were the best. Fresh and sweet as poppy seed can be. Everyone should buy from Lone Goose Bakery.

    • Callie

      We have the best customers in the world! Quality is of upmost importance to us, we will never sacrifice in that area! Thank you for your support!

  8. Christopher Barron (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and outstanding taste with these seeds. They make a huge difference in the way any baked items taste. Thank you for actually carrying such a high quality of seed. Will most definitely be doing more business with Lone Goose Bakery.

    • Callie

      Your words are highly valued! It is our mission to only bring you the best! We will continue to stock only the highest quality seeds, thank you for your support!

  9. toddbeasley90 (verified owner)

    There is no going back after you try LGB Seeds. They are ALWAYS of the highest quality. They always have that earthy, natural smell when you open a bag. No chemicals and no unnatural processing. Just like mother nature intended!!! Thank you LGB!!!

    • Callie

      WOW! Thank you for your kind words! We take pride in providing highest quality product for our customers. Thank you so much for your support!

  10. schristine (verified owner)

    Seeds are very good, although prices are ridiculously high. Will probably order again.

  11. (verified owner)

    Best poppy seeds I have come across. Outstanding quality always consistence on quality and company informs if quality and prices change

    • Callie

      Thank you for your kind words! We strive to be honest and upfront with all our customers. Thank you so much for your business!

  12. bryankrumvieda (verified owner)

    Yes the seeds are definitely high-quality and unwashed with all those nasty chemicals! They are definitely worth the extra money

    • Callie

      Thank you Bryan! We take pride in only providing untouched seeds to our customers! Thank you for the support!

  13. gypsypunkkid (verified owner)

    These seeds are wonderful and they get delivered to me super quick. LGB does a fantastic job. This is the only place I order my seeds from.

    • Callie

      Thank you for your kind words! We pride ourselves in providing only the best!

  14. Russell Hawkins (verified owner)

    I’m honestly quite shocked at the high quality of these seeds. One doesn’t need much to achieve the desired flavor when cooking with LGB seeds! Will buy again soon.

    • Callie

      Thank you! We are so glad that you enjoy adding Blue Bird Poppy Seeds to recipes! Happy cooking!

  15. Alowishusdevadanderabercrombie (verified owner)

    Hands down, no question about it, these are The. Best. Poppy. Seeds!
    These are the seeds you want for whatever recipe you might be using them for…

    • Callie

      Thank you for your support! We think they are pretty great as well. We appreciate your business!

  16. ziggy1961 (verified owner)

    Their products are aways fresh tasting, and orders are sent very quickly. The one time I needed customer service help, it was handled 110%!!

    • Callie

      We are proud to only supply the freshest of seeds! Thank you for your business!

  17. Conor Graves (verified owner)

    I’ve tried seeds from many different vendors and shops, these are the highest quality seeds I’ve found thus far. Excellent customer service, excellent seeds, plus I noticed shipping was fast and discrete! Thank you for this wonderful service!

    • Callie

      We take pride in only providing the best unwashed seeds to our customers! Thank you for your support and feedback!

  18. danielclthornhill (verified owner)

    These guys are great. Lovely store and wonderful products. Perfect for baking needs.

    • Callie

      Thanks for the sweet words! We appreciate your support!

  19. jacob314 (verified owner)

    These seeds were wonderful when added to a salad dressing. They tasted very fresh, kosher, and free of chemicals. They even have sprouted in flower beds, I’m very excited to see them bloom and become a wonderful addition to flower beds.

    • Callie

      We love them in salad dressing as well! If you haven’t already, check out our Spring Berry Salad recipe! We pride ourselves in never selling altered Poppy Seeds. Thank you for your business!

  20. moore.justin (verified owner)

    The best unwashed seeds on the market. Also, it may be one of the most expensive but the quality of the product does kind of justify the price. I had problems with quality of their seeds once before but their customer service was able to quickly correct the mistake. Which is why I am a loyal customer of LGB.

    • Callie

      Thank you for your loyalty! We truly want all of our customers to be pleased with the product being purchased. We are so very grateful for customers like you!

  21. lehilaxgod (verified owner)

    Best unwashed poppy seeds out there!

    • Callie

      Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for shopping with us!

  22. jacob314 (verified owner)

    These poppy seeds are always very tasty. They taste very nutty and are flavorful, especially compared to other brands that are treated with chemicals. I absolutely love these in all my recipes or even just to add as a topping to pastry’s or yogurt.

    • Callie

      Thank you! We definitely go the extra mile to ensure you only receive the freshest, highest quality of untreated seeds. We love the flavor and are glad you do as well!

  23. jacob314 (verified owner)

    This product was delightful. It went very well when prepared in my family recipes.

    • Callie

      Awesome to hear! It’s amazing how versatile Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are! Happy cooking!

  24. matthewgribble87 (verified owner)

    I usually buy the 2lb bag. High quality seeds. Great consistency as well. Placed a over night order and received promptly the next day. Highly recommended this product.

    • Callie

      Thank you! We are pleased that you love the quality only found in Blue Bird seeds!

  25. iansmith019 (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and excellent service, also excellent in both speed of shipping and order processing. I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.

    • Callie

      Thank you for your excellent feedback! Quality and customer service are our greatest priorities!

  26. cclombar (verified owner)

    Couyons Kitchen bases all of our products on poppy seeds. Our Candles, Soaps, and Incenses are popular because of the quality of seed that we use. It is crucial that our seeds come fresh, on-time, and MOST importantly unwashed; to deliver the unusual scent that has made our products popular.
    We have experienced setbacks at times, due to other vendors not being able to deliver quality in a timely fashion, yet still charging us expedited fees. So far, LGB has not failed us.

    • Callie

      We know how important prompt delivery is and definitely strive to always meet expectations! Thank you for your patience with us. We appreciate the support!

  27. nickyc464 (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! I’ve tried several different brands of poppy seeds and Blue Bird are hands down #1. Lone Goose is always prompt with their shipments and has wonderful customer service.

    • Callie

      We are thrilled that you have been consistently pleased with our product! Thanks a million!

  28. wisekitty501 (verified owner)

    I am a long time customer and have always been extra super pleased with LGB. These seeds have varied slightly in consistency. But have always been extra fresh, nutty, and a large amount of natural bits of debris. Hands down, best seeds anywhere.

    • Callie

      We are so happy to hear of your continued happiness with our seeds! Thank you for your support.

  29. rfroache (verified owner)

    Lone Goose bakery is THE BEST for unwashed poppy seeds. My orders have alway arrived on time and Customer Service is awesome! I had an order arrive that had exploded during delivery. An email and a couple pics and my order was replaced. Good People,.. er,… Geese!

    • Callie

      Honk Honk! Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for your patience with us.

  30. karendunaway510 (verified owner)

    For over two years I’ve been a dedicated Long Goose bakery customer for purchasing poopy seeds. Hands down, blue bird seeds are the absolute best. Consistant quality and shipment makes my choice easy!

    • Callie

      Wow, thank you for being such a long-standing customer! We pride ourselves in providing only the best for our customers!

  31. buggasmamoo (verified owner)

    LGB has the best poppy seeds we’ve used. We have purchased from other companies & we might as well thru our money away. LGB has repeatedly gave us a superior product for our company. Their seeds are consistent & always have the same flavoring. LGB has the best customer service we’ve seen in a business. Dave has always emailed me immediately with a solution to any issue we’ve had. Even if it was usps’s issue, he made it right, even he didn’t have too. If you are looking for quality seeds & great customer service, we highly recommend LGB. No other company compares.

    • Callie

      Thank you so much! We appreciate your loyalty!

  32. cthornsberry (verified owner)

    I started up baking for something my Mom and I can spend time together and bond with since I had to become her caretaker. Lone Goose Bakery has helped us become favorites at family, church, and community get togethers! You get what you pay for, the highest quality poppy seeds you’ll ever see.

    • Callie

      What a wonderful way to build your relationship! We are so happy to hear of your success with our products! Thank you!

  33. darkstonerulzall (verified owner)

    Lonegoose bakery has always had the fresh unwashed seeds! Anytime there is a change you are notified right away. Shipping is always fast and on time. Can’t go wrong by shopping with lone goose. I’ll note that currently I’m righting this review because the reward points but…. it’s all true I was just to lazy too do it. Enjoy!

    • Callie

      Thank you for your feedback! We do our best to keep our customers up to date with any changes. Thank you for supporting Lone Goose Bakery!

  34. Appalachian Destination (verified owner)

    LGB is the only company I have ordered my baking product from for the last 6 months. The quality is terrific! The poppy seeds taste very natural, without any chemical odors or peppery scent. I’ve ordered from other companies where the product didn’t even smell like poppy seeds, yuck! I’ll continue using LGB as I’ve been happy with every order. Their customer service can not be beat, they truly resolved any concerns that came up (quickly!). Thank you so much for your quality and focus on your customers- SC

    • Callie

      Wow, thank you! We are thrilled to have you! Freshness and quality are our highest priorities, thank you for your loyalty!

  35. vwengerd (verified owner)

    The best seeds I think I ever had, sure are tasty since they’re unwashed, looking forward to ordering more

    • Callie

      Thank you so much! We are proud of our product!

  36. Dylan Childers (verified owner)

    The Best seeds on the planet!

    • Callie

      Thank you! We think so too!!

  37. Sheri Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Only 5 stars? I’d like to rate you with ALL the stars in the Milky Way. Exceptional product, brilliant Customer Service, no nonsense, easy to use website and quick turnaround. This company is the gold standard for “How to Run a Successful Business”.

    • Callie

      Thank you, Sheri! We are so thankful to have such kind customers like yourself! We appreciate your feedback greatly.

  38. Zach Lindsey (verified owner)

    The best of the best with amazing customer service.

    • Callie

      Thank you, Zach! We are blessed with the best customers around!

  39. kepaul2 (verified owner)

    LGB is by far the leader in quality and service! The quality of their seeds are always consistently high. Their customer service is outstanding! They always put the customer first. Their ability to ship overnight is a great option just in case you’re in a bind and need them quickly.

  40. Scoot Ferguson (verified owner)

    Excellent service and incredible product. The seeds are very high quality, like they were just harvested and directly put into the bag. You certainly get what you pay for. Very good.

  41. kieferbrownfoto (verified owner)

    My lady and I have had such pleasant feedback from customers after switching to Lone Goose Bakery seeds! I will admit that the price difference is worth it as they have shown time and time again to their commitment to the customer, the product and the stellar service they provide for us. Hope this helps any considering jumping to a new brand or trying someone different. Lone Goose is in a category all it’s own.

  42. Ben Mcrill (verified owner)

    Very good customer service and amazing product, shipping is extremely fast and they are all about customer satisfaction, so if you’re looking for high quality seeds and amazing customer satisfaction you have found the right place.

  43. badmfbri (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several brands of Poppy Seeds and Lone Goose Bakery is by far the best. While they do cost more than other brands it is well worth it and the long term cost may be less. You have to use fewer Lone Goose seeds to get a better, stronger and more potent flavor.

    If you are debating whether or not to order, you should stop debating and just purchase. The seeds are top quality and the service is almost as good as the seeds. You can’t lose.

  44. smharrington33 (verified owner)

    Always high quality products and fast shipping. have always had my product shipped same day. Not to mention the best customer service I’ve probably ever had. Always making sure the customer is happy and product shipped as intended. A+

  45. Kristopher Paquin (verified owner)

    No pepper/chemical taste. Perfect for all your baking needs! 110% satisfied! Thank you LoneGooseBakery!

  46. Andrew (verified owner)

    Very pleased customer. These poppies have a wonderful aroma. Very nutty and tasty. With swift delivery and such quality, these seeds are certainly worth it.

  47. wisekitty501 (verified owner)

    First off, Lone Goose Bakery is hands down the best at Customer support! Their poppy seeds are excellent in quality. I have tried several others and they don’t even compare.

  48. Will Rose (verified owner)

    Yes, this is what you’re looking for. An amazing product, expedited shipping & delivery, and an easy-to-use website / helpful customer service. LGB keeps customers updated each step of the way with tracking / delivery confirmation (USPS priority mail option) and the seeds are a very nice shade of dark blue. My only complaint is the price of the products (which is why I’ve issued 4 stars instead of 5), as they are well above market price; BUT, I’m a quality > quantity type person, so I don’t mind paying a bit extra to ensure I receive a solid product every time. Thanks, LGB!

  49. buggasmamoo (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered the 1 lb, 2 lb & 5 lb bags of poppy seeds from LGB & every time no matter what size we buy, 3 things are always the same. The high quality/taste of the seeds, the fast delivery (that sometimes beats Amazon), & the excellent customer service. Starting a new business, it’s hard to find companies that treat the little businesses as well as the businesses that can buy unlimited supplies. LGB has treated our company with excellent customer service since our first order. We’ve made several purchases from LGB & will continue using them in the near & distant future. We have told other bakeries about LGB & even though they are our competition, we also want all customers to have the same high quality & taste that LGB provides. Thank you LGB for treating everyone with the same respect.
    James & Mary

  50. Lauren Robbins (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service. Worth the extra money for the service and the quality that other brands cannot compete with!

  51. MARYAM Bastani (verified owner)

    Best seeds available as far as I know, incredibly good customer service, and very fast shipping.

  52. Mdcprice (verified owner)

    These seeds are what you expect from unwashed seeds. They are very good seeds I’ve purchased 21 lbs now and I can say with high confidence that they are the best on the market I absolutely love lone goose bakery

  53. justinolson454 (verified owner)

    These beautiful seeds are excellent. They smell very good and bring me lots of joy. They are by far a superior product and deserve a lot of appreciation. From breakfast, to lunch through dinner my day shall never be the same. Very natural and unwashed, along with the best customer service ever.

  54. anarchy666 (verified owner)

    Consistency is good. Always work sometimes better then others. But for sure the best I can find anywhere. 4 stars out of 5 cuz the price is high and just got higher.

  55. thomasmshields (verified owner)

    I have ordered from six different suppliers and none can even come close to the quality, availability, and service of LGB. These people are the kindest and conscientious people in business today. They answer emails the same day (sometimes in the same hour), they ship within hours of their receipt of your order. I have told many about this company and their product. I want to go on praising them, but, this has to end sometime.
    Happy shopping!!

  56. buggasmamoo (verified owner)

    I’ve just started a more “natural” diet & have just tried a new recipe for making poppy seed/sea salt pretzels. These are the best poppy seed I’ve tried. They are crunchy & go great with the pretzels texture. If you’re looking for great tasting poppy seeds with a nutty taste, then Bluebird is the brand for you.

  57. Jodyknight99 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried unwashed poppy seeds from many companies like The Nodding Turtle, Chillhiwiian Brand and Dreamseeds and these Bluebird poppy seeds are the tastiest seeds I’ve come across to date. I use a pound at a time and enjoy the fruits of that pound for a good three days. And with my tolerance to bagels, that’s really saying something.

  58. erikdeweyfolsomgmc (verified owner)

    If you want high quality..go with lone goose

  59. Invertible1 (verified owner)

    These are definitely the real deal, excellent flavor for baking and, if a partaker of tea, an excellent blend for a cold, winter’s night if served warm, and in the summer, a nice touch served cold. Thank you for your wonderful products and terrific service. Dave W.

  60. NCroyalty88 (verified owner)

    The absolute best poppy seeds available online. Quality is consistently excellent, the customer service is awesome. Overall 10/10. Highly recommended!

  61. hobo1shoestring (verified owner)

    Out of all the seeds, I mean absolutely all the seeds on the market, these are the best!
    They last at least five times longer than any of the second best I’ve ever had.

  62. aarkangel11 (verified owner)

    Honestly the best seeds I’ve ever tasted and baked with. Have a pleasant earthy aroma, 100% unwashed and untouched, so no pepper smell or strange aftertaste. Not to mention the affordability for such quality seeds. Amazing site.

  63. nickfellowz (verified owner)

    THE BEST seeds ive ever received is from this company. And just as importantly the customer service actually responds and is helpful. A good company that cares and sells the best product.

  64. DOC_HOLIDAY (verified owner)


  65. paullipke (verified owner)


  66. solwinergy (verified owner)

    My First Order Thru LGB. Very high quality. On time delivery. Finest freshness. Best by far.
    I will stick with LGB for all my Poppy Seeds from now on.

  67. silicastackin (verified owner)

    Got the 1lb as a ‘trial’ and just ordered a 5lb. These seeds are absolutely amazing!

  68. Jacob Stephens (verified owner)

    I would consider myself a poppy seed expert (I’ve been partaking for over a decade), and these seeds are the best I’ve had. They are worth the price… just don’t buy them all up before me!

  69. muldrow611 (verified owner)

    Great as usual.

  70. matthewgribble87 (verified owner)

    Very high quality. Always high quality but the last order of the 2lb bag of Blue Bird Poppy Seeds was even higher quality. Didnt think it was possible but it is!

  71. NCroyalty88 (verified owner)

    I just received my 7lb shipment of the Bluebird seeds. This is my 3rd
    time ordering and the quality is always great & very consistent. I will certainly continue business with
    you guys. Thanks again! -Josh

  72. Rachel Dresser (verified owner)

    I’ve shopped LGB for several months. Their new seeds are some of the best, yum! Highly recommended

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